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About Us

Addiction is an Ottawa based Salon that opened in 2011, located on Montreal Road and Center street. We specialize mostly in weaves, wigs, braids, different types of hair textures, but precisely black hair. Our salon promises to provide a diverse environment for all clients, where everyone feels welcomed.
Our clients receive quality in our services because of the consultation, which helps us learn and understand their hair. That way we can provide the best possible service to you and recommend a plan that will result in growth, hair nourishment, and a happy client.
Growing up, I was able to get hands-on experience and fall in love with hair. When I relocated to Ottawa, I realized a lack of diversity within the hair salon industry. That's when I was inspired to start my own business because I knew I wasn't alone. I knew other people were looking for what I was looking for in the Ottawa hair industry.

Our customers have a specific look they want to achieve and don't want to go to another city to get it. We give our clients excellent customer service, lasting styles, the ability to buy quality hair and confidence. That's how we maintain a lifetime relationship with our clients. We're known for giving you that high-quality celebrity look right here in Ottawa at an affordable price, and that's how we stand apart. Our stylists genuinely care about you and how you feel when you leave our salon.

At Addiction, we are a family that understands and respects each other. We are made up of talented, caring, and professional hairdressers. We strongly believe in haircare and why we only use brands we trust and why we've gathered years of hearing, seeing, and learning about the troubled areas of hair. We invested in creating an oil that helps sensitive parts that are weak, and the most stubborn grow back, healthier, and thicker.

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